The Cassells & Associates Accounting Firm prides itself for its transparent pricing, (this has ALWAYS been our policy) and installment payment plans to help our clients.  Most business services and individual tax returns will fit into the fees described below. if not, it is discussed before any work begins. Our fees are an attempt to coincide with expected time spent and other services provided. 

A deposit of 25-50% will be required before any work begins.  Final copy and E-Filing will not be provided until the balance is paid in full or based on our installment agreement.*

The cost below is not only for tax preparation but it includes; (1) Clients have unlimited access to their return, no longer a client, it is free for one year ($25/return after that time)  (2)  Help with initial IRS letters.**  (3)  Entry to one of our quarterly tax strategy seminar.  (4)  Monthly Tax Newsletter  (5)  Help completing FAFSA for college and (6) Tax advice - 3 questions/year)





1040 and State


1040, Schedule A with State


Students with W-2 - $100 (1040 & State)


Sole Proprietor & Independent

Contractors (includes State)

Schedule - C 


Schedule - D 


Schedule - E 


We have monthly and hourly


Prices begin at;

Monthly $180

Hourly $125


Price list is given at


Married Filing Jointly

1040 with State


Married Filing Jointly

1040, Schedule A with State


Children? + $30/child for EIC

Tax Preparation for Non-Filers

If taxpayers have not filed  returns in 

past years.

$250 - $875 / return 

No cost for Georgia State 

return if filing IRS returns.




Head Of Household

1040, EIC compliance & State

$255 to $285

1040, EIC Compliance, Schedule A & State


Price includes one child $30 per

additional child.








Tax Representation (problems)

Base Fee:  $1,550

IRS or State Collection Case

- Amend return $150

- Individual Back Taxes $850 - $3,800

- Research of IRS tax Record and Analysis 

of Tax Problems

$250 - $500

- Penalty Abatement 

$500 - $1,500

- State Tax Representation

$850 - $1,450

Audit or Examination Cases

- 1040 Income Tax Audit Representation

$1,650 - $5,000

- Appeal of Audit or Audit Reconsideration

$1,700 - $3,500













* For all installment agreement, a deposit of 25/50% of total fees is required.

 **  Will help with initial IRS letter, however, audits and representation will be an additional cost, with a discount for current clients. 


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