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Have you received a letter from the IRS for an audit, that a lien/levy will be filed?  Do you have personal tax returns you have not filed in years?  Need help getting back in compliance with the IRS?  Meet with us, in-person or via our virtual office and we will analyze your case and suggest the best option for you, helping you to resolve your tax issues no matter where you are in the United States.

We help with;                                                                                           

- IRS and State Tax Issues                                                                                    

- Prevention Levy and property seizures                                                          Schedule an Appointment

- Completing past returns to get you in compliance with IRS and State

- Working with your IRS Revenue Officer

- Application for Offer in Compromise (if qualify)

- Setting up installment agreements or other payment alternatives

- Working on reducing tax penalties

- Tax audits

- and more......



Research of IRS tax records  -  $150 and up

Base representation fee  -  $1,000

Payroll tax liability representation fee  -  $1,200 - $5,000

Penalty abatement  -  $100 and up

State tax representation  -  $350 and up

Audit or Examination case  -  $1,200 and up

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