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Tax Preparation

We will prepare your taxes for you so you can relax in the comfort of your home, and not stress about the process and your accuracy!  Let us take it from here.  

For individual and business tax preparation, Complete your return with us in person or by using our client portal, no office visit is required. 

For in-person preparation, schedule an appointment for our 30 minutes low contact office visits. 




- Send an email to taxes@cparaccounting.com/ send us a message/ call 866-754-1040 to get started.

- We send an intake form and a checklist.

- Upload documents to the virtual portal created for you.  Did you know you can use your iPhone to scan documents?  Use these Apple instructions to learn how.  Scan using iPhone tutorial.

- Estimated cost of service sent to you for approval, for both federal and state returns.

- 50% of the estimate required to begin.

- We complete the return, while you relax.

-  Final invoice is sent and once payment is made.  A copy of the return is uploaded to your portal.

- Review documents for accuracy then sign documents to e-file.

- Return submitted to IRS via e-file.

- We will email you when the return is accepted by your state and the IRS, and if you expect a refund, you can begin tracking it with the IRS at 'where is my refund'We will have a link to your state, 'where is my refund'  for you to track the refund of your state also.



Tax Resolution

Have you received a letter from the IRS for an audit?  That a lien/levy will be filed?  Do you have personal tax returns you have not filed in years?  Need help getting back in compliance with the IRS?  With your State?  Meet with us, in-person or via our virtual office and we will analyze your case and suggest the best option for you, helping you to resolve your tax issues no matter where you are in the United States.

We help with;                                                                                           

- IRS and State Tax Issues                                                                                    

- Prevention Levy and property seizures                                                          Schedule an Appointment

- Completing past returns to get you in compliance with IRS and State

- Working with your IRS Revenue Officer

- Application for Offer in Compromise (if qualified)

- Setting up installment agreements or other payment alternatives

- Working on reducing tax penalties

- Tax audits

- and more......



Research of IRS tax records  -  $150 and up

Base representation fee  -  $1,000

Payroll tax liability representation fee  -  starting at $1,200

Penalty abatement  -  starting at $100

State tax representation  -  starting at $350

Audit or Examination case  -  starting at $1,200

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping service at your fingertips, professional, affordable, reliable, and serving with integrity.  Our rates begin at $80/month.  Come to a firm that is not only qualified and trained to do your books but also licensed to complete your tax return and represent you on all levels of the Internal Revenue Service or your State tax governing bodies.  We are licensed to work in ALL States as well as internationally.  Call us today for our monthly rates, or to schedule an appointment: 866-754-1040 or email; admin@cparaccounting.com

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