Tax Prep Pricing

While it is impossible to give an exact price if you have several sources of income or business with a variety of expenses, below is a list of base prices for our services. As always, military personnel, educators, and our first responders all receive a 10% discount.

Return preparation pricing - All prices for returns include; (1)  Unlimited access to your return while a client  (2)  One State return preparation  (3) Free e-filing for a faster refund.

Personal returns - 1040    - $125 and up

Past returns preparation (latest 4 returns must be completed first)         $250 - $1,800/year


Schedule A - $50

Schedule C - $60 and up (depending on the number of expenses)

Schedule E - $135 for the first property and $55 each for additional properties.  There is also a $2/depreciation item ($25 for the property) fee.

Form 990 -  $420

Form 1041 - $375

Form 8962 - $25

EIC Compliance - $35

For other forms contact us at 866-754-1040 during business hours.






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